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Pastured Eggs

Pastured Eggs

1 dozen
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The golden standard! Our pasture-raised eggs have been getting us out of bed since we started this farming journey. We move these happy hens to fresh pasture every other day and aside from foraging for bugs, grasses, and worms they also receive certified organic, non-soy feed. Inside each shell is the perfect protein, packed with omega 3s, vitamins a, e and b! They’re incomparable in nutrition and more importantly have a reputation of being THE BEST tasting eggs on the market!

** Due to an increase we have partnered with our sister farm in Baton Rouge, La Goppelt Farms. The eggs come from pasture raised hens that receive a certified organic, soy free feed. They are raised the same way we raise our hens. In future orders, you might receive Goppelt Farms or Mahaffey Farms eggs during this time.