*Family Staples*

$ 276.00 $ 290.00

$6.90 / pound

We built this bundle with the family budget and busy schedule in mind.  We went for the cuts that give you the most bang for the buck here... thin cuts that are easy to thaw and cook.  Lots of simple comfort cuts here.

5 packages of Breakfast Sausage (1 lb each)

5 packages of Ground Pork (1 lb each)

2 packages of Ham Roast (approximately 3.5 lb each)

2 packages of Pork Steaks (approximately 2 lb each, 2/pkg)

4 packages of Cutlets (approximately 1.4 lb each, 4/pkg)

4 packages of Sliced Pork Belly (1 lb each)

4 packages of Thin Bone-In Chops (approximately 1.4 lb each, 4/pkg)

1 package of Fresh Hocks (approx 1.7 lb)

This product's price is an ESTIMATE, based on a 40 pound bundle.  Your bundle will weigh between 35 - 40 pounds and your price will be adjusted accordingly.  Read how pricing works...

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