How It Works

How do I order?

After you fill your online cart you will need to select a pick-up location and date, or you can choose to have it delivered to your home.  We will pack your order at the farm and meet you at your location of choice.  

Where can I pick up my order?

You can pick up your order at the farm, meet us at one of our drop-off points, or we can deliver directly to your doorstep. As our website develops, we will be adding new drop areas that will best benefit our customer base.  Keep updated by reviewing your options at checkout.  

How does the delivery service work?

For an additional $5, we offer home delivery within the "Shreveport/Bossier Metro Area."  We define that as 30 minutes drive from Downtown Shreveport.  If you are outside of our delivery area, please contact us for a delivery charge quote.  Delivery days are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-6:00pm only.  If you are not home, please leave a cooler that is large enough to hold your entire order.  Our driver will contact you on delivery day with confirmation and details.  

Why is my price an estimate?

Some of our products are sold by the pound and some may be out of stock.  The price shown in your shopping cart is generally the maximum possible price for a given item.  When we pack your meat we will calculate your actual cost based on its weight.  At this point we will send you an email with your final total.

What should I expect at pickup?

    Payment will be collected at pickup.  We know credit cards are convenient, but we would appreciate it if you could pay in cash or check.  We will have your order boxed or bagged for you, but keep in mind that all of our meat is frozen, so bring a cooler if you can't get it home immediately.  When you unpack your order at home, please check to make sure everything is satisfactory.  We cannot accept returns on meat.  However, if you find any problem with your order please contact us immediately and we will do what we can to make it right.

    What happens if I don't pick up my order?

    If you don't pick up your order your card will be charged a $5 restocking fee. 

    What if I'm not home and didn't leave a cooler?

    Your order will be returned to Mahaffey Farms and will be ready for pick up at your convenience.  Your $5 delivery fee will not be refunded.

    Can I cancel my order or change my order?

    Contact us 12 hours prior to your scheduled delivery to reschedule your delivery or cancel your order.