Deadline for Tuesday delivery is Sunday at midnight. Deadline for Thursday delivery is Tuesday at midnight.

The Farm Store

The farm store is currently open 1pm-5pm Thursday & Friday for pick up orders only.
Place an order by midnight on Wednesday for a Thursday pick up or by midnight on Thursday for a Friday pick up.


 New Rules for COVID19 Stay-at-home order March 23 2020:

In response to the Governor’s orders and high order volume we are making a
few lifesaving changes.  As of today we are adopting a home delivery
and online order store pick-up ONLY system with  “Zero Contact”
protocols.  We want to encourage folks to use our home delivery service
and online payment systems.  Changes are as follows:

Our drivers will leave your order in the cooler and will not be knocking on
doors or ringing doorbells. To protect you, our drivers, and families we
must follow these zero contact rules.   Drivers will honk their horns
when they arrive.  If there is no cooler the driver will leave your
order at the front door and leave.  **We are not responsible for lost
orders after the driver leaves.***

Our gates will be open to online order pick-up every
Thursday-Friday 1-5 pm.  You must have placed your order online by midnight
the day before pickup.

Orders cannot be changed once they are pack for pickup or delivery. 
PLEASE DO NOT ASK US CHANGE ORDERS!  We will not.  You can cancel orders
but they cannot change.  PLEASE take the time to double and triple
check your order before you send it!

We have been forced to hire additional labor to meet the high demand
and these new systems are taking more time than our normal operating
procedures.  This has forced us to include a very small $1 order packing
fee for store pick-up orders.  Our Home Delivery fee will remain $5 as
it has been since 2015.   Thank you for supporting small family farmers!

PLEASE pay online by credit card if you are able.  We would like to
dramatically reduce the handling of cash and checks.   If you must pay
with cash please use exact change and put it in an envelope for
drivers.  Making change on site violates our zero contact protocols. 
Thanks for doing your part to flatten the curve!