Red Label Beef


Our red label cattle spend their entire lives on pasture and foraging in our pine and oak savannas. The only other feed they receive is local non-fertilized hay. Our cows have access to free choice cafeteria-style minerals which allows them to select the minerals that they need when they need them.

We do not feed grain or use hormones of any kind. We practice “Mob Grazing” techniques – which means we move them on a daily basis during the growing season. We only treat ailments such as parasites on a case-by-case basis. Animals that do not thrive on our farm are sold.

Why Feed Organic?

"Organic grains are grown from seed that has not been genetically modified. They are grown in a healthy, living soil, and have not been treated with chemical herbicides, insecticides, or fertilizers. Moreover, organic grains usually have greater nutritional value. Bottom line — we believe organic grains are healthier and more nutritious for animals and the products consumed from them."    

- Coyote Creek Farm

All of our meat products are "Fresh-Frozen" at the butcher. This means they are frozen immediately after they are packaged to ensure the longest possible shelf-life in your freezer.